Two Powerful Words

by Jan 2, 2017Etiquette2 comments

As the holiday season begins to fade and the New Year begins, it is difficult to find anyone who does not need to communicate thanks to someone. Whether it be gratitude for a holiday present, a wonderful party attended or a family gathering, it’s time to acknowledge any kindness which has been shown to you.

Unfortunately, in today’s fast paced world, this nicety is often overlooked – not always with intent, but sometimes inadvertently in the hectic pace of the day.

Your thanks can be communicated in a few ways.  In person, when a gift is received in the presence of the giver, via text as an immediate acknowledgement when a gift is received or via email. Email and text are so commonplace, they offer instant feedback and may be efficient methods to showing appreciation, but because they are free and easy, they are less speical gestures.

While any version of “thank you” is appreciated and important, I encourage you to write a personal thank you note to those who have treated you with kindness.  Nothing can take the place of a warm, personal note.  A few minutes spent to pen a few words can go a long way. Actually, these few minutes are very little effort when considering that someone has spent time and money to select something special just for you.

For those who feel an immedite response is in order and are uncomfortable without making some mention of a kindness instantly, I suggest sending a short text noting the receipt of the gift and then following up with a descriptive thank you note later.  Would anyone really mind being thanked twice? In an age of instant everything, isn’t a personal note worth the wait?

So what to say? It’s really quite simple.  Acknowledge the gift with thanks, express how or when you will use the gift and reinforce your connection with the giver. Most importantly, write from the heart. If you do that, your note will be perfect!

So why not grace those who make your life meaningful with the power of two words – thank you!